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Originally posted by fourth year:
A Ty-seal gasket is not likely to fit your hub, so unless Sylvan has a way of pouring lead uphill, you are going to have to access the joint from the top. I would not trust any of the “quick fixes” like plastic lead, lead wool, etc. to stand up to long term usage.

OK Class is in session AGAIN.


PLEASE tell folks the truth your NO way, not even close to being an apprentice.

FYI “helper” I know you never soldered a joint BUT some folks have been known to solder copper fittings where the coper joint was UPSIDE DOWN.

This phenomena is called capillary action where HEAT goes to the absence of heat (DUH COLD)

NOT to be confused with the liquid seeks its own level theory

Now as for REAL apprentices the very 1st year apprentices learn LIQUIDS seek their own level.

Knowing LIQUIDS seek their own level a lot of instructors show the NEW apprentices how to pour an UPSIDE DOWN JOINT using a ladle and runner (asbestos rope) and plumbers putty or plaster.

Once the plaster sets up in 7-10 minutes the REAL plumber pours this upside down joint waits one minute removes the runner and plaster and there goes a perfect joint.

By the way helper this kind of joint is used for venting as you honestly dont want a hub facing down stream on waste/soil or storm drainage.

Never ever think of going for some of the Master plumbing tests.

Thankfully the Canadian U/A Apprenticeship training programs are a complete success and we should look North for the real future mechanics in the plumbing/heating profession

Amazing how folks dont THINK

Imagine me trying to explain how I did under water “welding”. He would tell me he cant light the match LOL

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