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Sylvan, I know you are illustrating a point here that inexperienced installers can do a lot of damage, and that the owner of this system can have some serious mistakes built into the system,; but, knowing that you are a licensed boiler inspector, former stationary high-pressure engineer, and experienced heating contractor, most followers of this forum are enjoying the humor without believing the feigned inexperience.

Sully would do well to have every question you pose in your post examined to make sure there is nothing that is wrong and potentially dangerous.

The temperature of the heating loop, if running through a heat exchanger is going to depend upon whatever radiation is available to take heat away from the transfer rate of the heat exchanger, so the setting cannot be determined without the data. This would require innumerable posts to describe a situation that is better discovered by a competent heating/plumbing repairman who can visit the site to know the nature of the equipment through observation.

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