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Originally posted by Harold
In the words of a renowned philosopher (not me):

you can have the existing radiator HYDROSTATICALLY tested and the cracked section removed and possibly put back into service IF the cracked section is not an end piece.

. I took a 46 section CI radiator and made it into a 24 section NO PROBLEM.

A lot of cracked radiators can even be repaired by using a bronze filler metal or cast Iron welding rod Oxyacetylene is my favorite way to repair these things as I can control the heating and cooling process better then arc welding.

Using a licensed Master plumber in this case is OVER KILL as most decent journeymen can weld ESPECIALLY in the Tri state area where the apprenticeship training is second to none.

You also have some very qualified boiler welders in NJ who could also do a great job of welding cracked radiators BUT this service is not cheap.

HEY thank you Harold IT was ME who said YES it can be repaired ….please give CREDIT where CREDIT is DUE LOL

The above writer can E mail me and I can explain more about it. Thank you for Quoting me I am honored

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