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Originally posted by doolitted:
What causes the temperature of the water to go from hot to cold all the time when showering? I had the shower head changed to a hand held shower – would that have anything to do with it? Can it be fixed?

There are several possibilities

1- Most common is a sudden drop in volume/pressure which would be noticed much more with a low flow shower head. If you disassemble the new hand help shower you may find a flow restrictor this could cause this could be the cause of pressure fluctuations as the orifice is very small

For example your taking a shower and someone uses a dish washer this would cause the drop in pressure on the hot water piping.

Generally hot water risers are smaller then cold water rises because most folks use more cold then hot water.

2- The hot water lines are subject to more mineral deposits that can restrict flow and being slightly smaller (normally) then the cold water lines you would get these sudden temperature fluctuations as a loss in volume do to internal blockages

3- The return circulation line if applicable are not circulating properly due to a faulty check valve or someone failed to install a heat sink or the circulator is not working properly.

There are several ways to “fix” this type of condition one is replace the shower body with a temperature/pressure balance type.

Please feel free to E mail me for other possibilities that are not so drastic.

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