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Hi Grant:Here is some information you might find helpfull regarding what should and should not gointo your garborator isposer Do’s and Dont’s
The In-Sink-Erator Food Waste Disposer is one of America’s most reliable appliances. However, here are a few simple hints that will keep it working smoothly for many, many years.
· Grind food waste with a moderate flow of cold water.
· Grind hard materials such as bones, fruit pits, etc. A scouring action is created by the particles inside the grind chamber.
· Grind peelings from citrus fruits to freshen up drain smells.
· Dispose of coffee grounds in your disposer whether or not you are on metropolitan sewer or septic tank.
· Flush disposer for cleaning. Allow disposer and cold water to run after grinding or after draining sink of dish water. Some detergents are caustic; flushing will pass such material into the drain line without disposer damage.
· Use a disposer cleaner, degreaser, or deodorizer as necessary.
· Use hot water when grinding food waste. It is OK to drain hot water into the disposer between grinding periods.
· Turn off motor or water until grinding is completed.
· Be alarmed if a brown discoloration appears on the face of the grinding disc. This is normal. It is surface discoloration only and will not affect the life or performance of the disposer.
· Grind extremely fibrous material like corn husks, artichokes, etc. to avoid possible drain blockage

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