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Originally posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
Sylvan your just another old timer who can’t accept change.Are you telling me you’ve never done a home with plastic pipe,never?I’m sending you all my 8 track tapes that I was saving for a time capsule.Don’t expect them soon,I’m sending them pony express.I thihk you spent too much time around the lead pot!!

For a guy of 50 I am glad you consider me old there KID.

OK lad let me explain the facts of life about plumbing SOMETHING you still have not learned it appears.

You see KID plumbing is not a matter of buying and installing the CHEAPEST materials BUT what we REAL plumbers try to do is pick the right materials for the PROPER JOB.

If you upstate Billy Butt crack wanna be handymen really knew how to read THEN you would read the manufacturers literature like Charlotte pipe that manufactures plastic and Cast Iron EVEN they suggest STRONGLY on CAST iron for a Quiet long lasting NON toxic system BUT knowing your a country bumpkin and also knowing upstate NY HAS no codes it is the get in get out mentality that is why you folks there re STARVING to death and the average do it your selfer can do a much better job they the local plumber.
Yes, I can tell you I NEVER installed plastic in a residential home as I like giving my accounts Quality.

Wall why don’t you read my reports that I wrote SEVERAL months ago relating to plumbing something YOU should honestly try to learn rather then dabble in.

Seeing your postings I can assure you the most YOU could ever hope to make as a plumber in My area is no more then $6.00 per HR as there is NO WAY I would ever allow you to do any mechanical work in my opinion you should find another field as plumbing is not for everyone.

READ and Learn KID and your Child like get in get out mentality is the sure sign of a non professional.

You See SONNY BOY we “plumbers” try to get the best materials for the job. I just hope son that you dont have to rely on a doctor with your mind set of doing a job. Have a great one kid and stay well lad. Have you ever thought of going to a UA Apprenticeship 5 year apprenticeship?

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