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QUOTE]Originally posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
I’m think I,m going to do a movie about a plumber.The first scene will show Sylvan in a basement with a welder fixing a cast iron fitting

<<<I suppose you would just REMOVE the “cast Iron” boiler from a minor crack huh?

ARe you one of those propoxy techs?

You see my “Modern” unknowing friend a lot of cast Iron radiators can be welded or brazed for a FRACTION of the cost of replacement and a properly welded joint out lasts the base metal BUT upstate does not require any type of “Practical” testing it appears.

.The second scene will show Sylvan with the lead pot and bell and spigot fittings.<<<

Well it was there for over 100 YEARS and finally had a defect huh?

Why not read this article my “modern tech” as you CERTAINLY are never going to be a qualified plumber allowed in a modern city.
Two Year Old Roof Drain Failing by Sylvan Tieger : PlumbViews >> – The Largest Plumbing Resource on the I

By the way my roof drain installations I STILL USED A CAULKED Joint BUT then again I do like longivity.

The third scene will show the homeowner crying when she gets the bill.<<<<

No it is better to use CHEAP materials so In less then 5 years I can redo this piping do to sags as the idiot before me used band iron and Never properly supported this piping with clevis hangers and proper riser clamps.

Here this reminds me of OTHER short (MODERN) cuts Dangers Of NON Licensed Heating Guys by Sylvan Tieger : PlumbViews >> – The Largest Plumbing Resource on

Of course she wakes up and realizes it was a bad dream.She then calls a modern day plumber who replaces all the outdated cast iron with PVC pipet a much lower price. <<<<

Yes and the “Modern Day Plumber” ” dies from Brain cancer from using carcinogenic primers and glue in a non ventilated space plus liver damage to everyone in the surrounding area. The Modern stumble bum has no concern as to get rid of this TOXIC waste (PVC) as the “Modern Nut case” Billy Butt Crack specialist doesnt read what Green peace has to say about “plastic toxins BUT hey your name of the game is GET IN GET OUT AND DO IT CHEAP hey I hope you used LOTS of plastic around your family. Please keep on sniffing that fatastic glue NEVER bother to read the warnings.

At least with Bell piping and No Hub I do have options and well It takes a mechanic to know how to make a system last THANKFULLY Home depot is spreading out and thus the home owners can do a better job then most of the “Modern” so called plumbers.

I would put ANY DIY against 99.999999 of the upstate handymen plastic guys who have no clue to a proper job.

Of course in case of a fire if it doesnt kill the family the smoke from this material will kill everyone in the home from the fumes BUT hey the modern plumber did get away with MURDER.

I love the modern plumber as they creat lots of work for the real professionals.

[Edited by SylvanLMP on 24 February 2001]
[Edited by SylvanLMP on 24 February 2001]

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