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OK WALLINGFORD, replace it with WHAT Mr. plumber? No hub cast Iron doesn’t come in 48″

If your talking Bell and spigot please tell the original Question writer how many HUBS he will need to do this properly.

Of course you being a highly professional plumber would NEVER EVER face a hub downstream except possibly for a vent like an upside down joint on an FA I return bend.

How much lead oakum POUNDS would this fellow need for each joint?

What DEPTH of lead would be required if this joint is for pressure?

Is this EXTRA heavy Cast Iron or service weight?

Could this be Class 22 corporation pipe?

PLEASE Master and non hostile one please explain how to do this job properly Thank you.

Please also explain why WELDING Cast Iron pipe is not a reasonable job?

After all the ASME allows welding (with an “R” stamp) to be used on boilers and pressure vessels.

Ah the joys of leaning how to cut out and replace.. TYPICAL please explain HOW as I am alwys willing to learn.

After all the largest pipe I ever repaired was 72″ so you must really be GREAT

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