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OK, let’s review our physics, P1V1=P2V2. Are we in agreement so far? It is not new physics, Sir Charles Boyle (Boyle’s Law) lived over 300 years ago (1627 – 1691)

Now lets assume, as you stated, public water pressure is 60psi = P1, and assume 1” diameter pipe id. So volume of a 1” linear piece of this pipe is Pi (3.1416) (.5)(.5)(radius squared) 1(length)=3.1416 0.25 1 = 0.7854 = V1

Now lets’s calculate V2 for ¾” diameter pipe (radius is .375”), also 1” long, so V2 is Pi (3.1416) (.375)(.375)(radius squared) 1(length)=3.1416 0.140625 1 = 0.4418 = V2

So now, we have P1=60, V1=0.7854, V2=0.4418, and solving for P2,
P2 = (P1V1)/V2 or (60 0.7854) / 0.4418, which yields calculated P2 of 106.67 psi.

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