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    Sorry, but it has been impossible for me to reply to your answers. I’m up to my eyes at the moment.
    I work in Spain and we’re trying to redesign a thermostatic valve, because we want to sell it in England. But our valve doesn’t work as well as we expected because of this “valve chattering”. I didn’t know what this meant and what causes it.
    The valve is pneumatic controlled, with no electronics. It begins chattering in a working point, as I told before, when is near to be closed. At this point, the water flow is 50 l/s. The valve must work correctly by itself. So, a globe valve before our valve is not the right way.
    Our problem is to guess the reason of this valve chattering. We have three possibilities:
     If the chattering is due to high velocity through the valve, the pressure can fall down the saturation pressure. This could be cavitation.
     Some kind of vibration can cause resonance with the spring.
     Finally, water hammer is our last option. But this is often caused when you close a valve quickly and you have a large mass of water.
    Weave measured the noise. It’s too noisy to be cavitation. With the frequency we’ll be able to say if it’s some kind of resonance or water hammer.
    What do you think about this? Could you think of any new reason for the chattering?
    Thank you very much. Happy New Year.

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