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    Originally posted by Harold Kestenholz:
    Yes, Sylvan. I understand your reason for assuming that this person’s house has a Johnson controller with master and sub master stations or the Good OLE Leslie steam stations. New York City homes are often over 5000 square feet built before insulation was fashionable and may have these devices.

    At the moment, we don’t know what this person has, so it is a best guess. Does the ‘termostatic valve’ have a plastic cover? Did Sylvan guess correctly? If the person has a balancing valve of some sort before the valve, he may reduce the noise by reducing the flow rate.

    Will opening the valve adjust the heat in the loop or the room? Or will it make the rooms overheat? Tune in for the next installment.

    Harold my home is approximately 7,400 SQ. Ft with 20+ Cast Iron Radiators some as much 24 Sections 3 tube 22″ high and ALL these radiators have a NON ELECTRIC zone valve connected

    What I did do is use various manufacturers to test which valves not only held up the longest BUT which ones were trouble free.

    Some of these valves are over 20 years old and TWO valves did have “hunting problems” from the giddy yap (GET GO) Day installed ETC.

    Even when I did replace the valve actuator they still hunted /CHATTERED causing a hydraulic shock wave back to the HB Smith rock mills boiler GREAT BOILER by the way.

    Even when I removed this 13 section pork chop boiler and installed TWO gas fired boilers in its place (I love redundancy) the chattering continued so I just removed the actuator completely and end of problem.

    Many, many times I install a non electric zone valves to fine tune a system instead of using CRAP electric zone valves or high priced circulators for each zone with related fittings to prevent unwanted circulation.

    These valves if properly utilized cannot only increase comfort and fine tune the system to make up for the original installers mistakes in sizing it also allows for huge fuel savings.

    The old fuel bills were over $800 per month NOW 12 years later using two boilers and running gas as opposed to cheaper more efficient Oil my average cost per month is hovering around $425.

    So you see Harold I don’t have Leslie valves and electronic or pneumatic controllers like one of my accounts has, A ONE family home they have over 18,000 SQ. ft to heat with Cast Iron base board and radiators and Scorched air for the main living room with 4 air handlers to boot (a nightmare to service) PLUS they do have pneumatic controllers on the supply and return headers.
    Want to see it let me know on the PIPDL.
    IM serious if you want to see everything possible in ONE heating system this is a must see considering it is a ONE FAMILY home with a monthly heating bill exceeding $1,400 per MONTH

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