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    Harold I am appalled PLEASE re read this question.

    As Experts in HVAC we both know of a condition called “hunting” when a thermostatically controlled device is “hunting” prior to fully closing or opening.

    We know from experience that the set point is not always reached and the controller seeks (hunts) to do its job.

    This chattering is a classic example if a controller that needs to have its actuator replaced or re calibrated

    The Globe valve although used for “throttling” is also going to give a much higher friction loss and thus impede the actual flow of the hydronics.

    What I would have suggested it to remove the actual controller and go back to a manual COMFORTABLE setting using a manual setting with the original plastic cap normally supplied.

    When we work with pneumatic and electronic it can become tricky setting the actual desired set point with a manual set anticipator like the older Johnson controllers with master and sub master stations or the Good OLE Leslie steam stations.

    The easiest fix is to just leave this valve in the N. O. position for fail safe setting.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year and keep on posting.

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