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    When neighbors get together and talk, do not believe a word of it.
    Small talk can turn to large talk and usually the talker wants to out talk the listener…anyway, back to your question.
    Water heater manufactures have been providing service calls for water heaters that have had premature dip tube failure.
    The service calls include the replacement of the dip tube and the cleaning of the heater.
    There has been very little if any replacement of the whole water heater. This has not been necessary and when the dip tube is replaced the heater will work as it is intended for many years.
    I am almost certain you would have a hard time at this date to be reimbursed for what you were charged to replace your dip tube. You can check it out further at for more info.
    Good Luck,
    The Local Plumber
    Tustin, California

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