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    ) Does anyone in the Northeast carry Flagg fittings anymore?

    If your talking Stanley G. Flagg ( Flagg flow fittings) I have a decent inventory of TP Female and Male adapters from 3/8 th to 3″ dia.

    Unfortunately the genuine TP fittings are very hard to come by BUT another company is around offering a decent (expensive) alternative.

    If you send me an E mail I maybe able to secure the fittings you need

    2) I used to be able to get liquid solder from my supplier in NYC. Is it still available anywhere?

    The “Liquid” solder was Hercules 50-50 and 95-5 in paste form and I believe is still available from some older stock piles.

    I used this myself when using the extra heavy TP fittings on old yellow brass piping as a GREAT FLUX but never without adding more filer metal even though it was suggested to be used alone.

    If you really need this solder in paste form let me know which percentage your looking for.

    The 95-5 I believe cost over $25 per pound in the early 70’s and I have no idea what it would cost today.

    I actually feel pre tinning would impede the capillary acttraction of soldering and you just may want to use the Flag Flow fittings with a good quality flux and some silver bearing high temperature solder (Brazing is best for these fittings as they are heavy brass)

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