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    The brine tank refill setting should only be checked with no salt or water in the tank. The level of the water in the brine tank should only reach about 2 inches above the grate after the controlled brine tank refill times out, with no salt or water in the tank. If the water level is higher than 2 inches you are just wasting salt and this won’t make your water taste more salty unless the control head settings have been radically changed.

    Causes of excessive water in the brine tank.

    1. Plugged drain line flow control
    2. Plugged injector system
    3. Timer not cycling
    4. Foreign material in brine valve
    5. Foreign material in brine line flow control

    If you don’t have the manual for the system I would suggest calling a professional. I would also suggest a reverse osmosis system to deal with the salty taste of your softened water.

    Respectfully David Walling
    [Edited by daveroconn on 02 January 2001]

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