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Avatar photoFrank Hiebert

    I, personnaly am a big fan of copper as are most plumbers I work with. It is a tried and true material when it comes to potable water distribution lines. Copper however must be protected from galvanic corrosion by the use of dielectic unions where necessary and andodic protection , such as a magnesium rod in the hot water tank (This rod will require replacement periodically). Cathodic protection can also be used. This method utilizes an electric current from an external source to overcome the electric current caused in the corrosion process. Since you have a fair number of fixtures, I would recommend a qualified plumber who can properly size your distribution piping. Just my opinion, others may feel differently as to which material is their preference. Irregardless of which material you coose it’s vital it is sized and installed correctly according to your local code. Have fun

    Frank Hiebert
    3rd yr apprentice
    Edmonton, Alberta

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