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    Originally posted by Curtis Riley:
    I have a Reliance (crosley) electric water heater that seems to have died on me. I was doing some other plumbing fixes in the house and so the water was turned off and I heard some gurgling sounds coming from the water heater. I turned the power off and when I turned the water heater power back on, there is nooooo… hot water. I checked the elements for continuity and it seems that they’re all right. But I could be mistaken. Please help. I would like to take a hot shower tomorrow. thanks

    It’s me again. I hope someone can help. I checked to make sure the water heater was getting the right amount of power which it is. 240V coming into the WH, but when I measure at the elements I am only getting 120V. Can someone help me with a possible problem and a solution to that problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

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