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    This is the opportunity to learn the difference between the words ‘efficient’ and ‘effective.’ The most efficient temperature of a heating device is the lowest useful temperature. When the temperature is low, the appliance loses less heat up the flue and from the jacket, so it is efficient. A water temperature of 103 degrees Fahreneheit for children is hot, so hot water at 103F would be both effective, efficient, and safe for them to pour over their skin.

    However, water kept at that temperature in a vessel can and does grow disease. Pouring diseased water on your family would be efficient, but not effective of health. To kill many diseases, you need water to be warmer than 140F, which would also kill the cells on your skin. It would however remove fat from dishes and wash clothes effectively.

    So you must decide whether you want your water to be efficient and safe, or effective and dangerous. There are devices that mix very hot water with cool water to provide safe water; your plumber can install such safer devices although there is a possibility they can fail or someone can maladjust and alter them to make them efficient at washing dishes and dangerously ineffective for the safety of your family…

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