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    Being as you have a VOM meter, I will assume that you checked for proper voltage (usually 230-240 volts) across the top element’s terminal screws as that tells you if you are getting voltage to the element.

    That assumption having been stated, and you stated you did not have any hot water, your top element is probably bad.

    If you are getting hot water, but not as much as you used to get, then your top element is probably okay (it’s heating the water in the top of the tank), but the bottom element is bad (it isn’t heating the water in the bottom of the tank).

    If you haven’t made the previously mentioned checks, do the checks shown below.

    If you know how, turn off the breaker (or remove the fuses) for the water heater circuit, check to verify that there is no voltage at the water heater elements before proceeding, remove both wires from the top elements terminal screws, check for continuity, replace the wires, repeat for the bottom element. You should have continuity through both elements.

    Turn the breaker back on (or put the fuses back in) and check for voltage at the elements. If you continuity through the element and voltage across the element, the element should heat.

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