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    Am I nuts if I am still interested in using tub liners after reading your comments?

    We manage an apartment building in Glendale, California where a former owner installed liners on top of existing, presumably chipped porcelain tubs. The caulking has leaked and now there is a growing amount of water between the liners and the tubs. Standing in the tubs is now similar to standing on a water bed.

    Replacing each tub in the 12 unit building will be expensive if we cannot find new liners. Besides having to remove the tub/shower enclosures and ceramic tiles enclosing the tub, the sinks and toilets will also need to be removed so the tubs can fit through the door.

    We are estimating that replacing the old tubs with new ones will cost several thousand dollars a pop vs. several hundred dollars for new liners. Would you still advise against new liners?

    Can you recommend anyone with tub or liner expertise in Southern California?


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