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    Get the attention of the occupants to tell them you are going to make a test of the water system, so they do not rush everywhere to open every tap in the house, but remain away from the taps.

    Close the main water valve to the house. Open the highest tap in the house. When the water heater gas shuts off because the tank has made enough water, listen everywhere for the hissing sound.
    If the hissing sound is not there, the water pressure is not forcing water through a restricted space making a hissing sound. Turn the water back on and close the top tap. Listen for the hissing sound. If the sound comes back while the gas burner to the water heater is off, listen for ites location. Isolate the sounds in this manner.

    When the water heater burner comes on and you hear a hiss, it may then be steam being made in dirt inside the water heater. If this is the cause, flushing the bottom of the water heater might help, or might not. If you can’t find the cause of these problems, call an experienced plumber.

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