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    Since 1990, a tankless coil boiler has a minumum AFUE of 80%. Most are rated higher than the minimum. When NEW and properly maintained and serviced

    A water heater does not have that efficiency as it is a single-pass vertical heater. A tankless coil boiler with an input of 140,000 btuh, equal to a 1 gallon per hour nozzle


    Hey not all # 2 “oils” are rated to 140,000 BTU per gallon some are rated to only 138,000 AND oil burners require lots of service to keep them in top operating condition Look at the stack temperatures you need to prevent a chimney from self destruction with oil fired equipment < ME

    , can deliver 3 gallons per minute (180 gallons of hot water per hour.) When mixed with cold water it can produce 5 gallons per minute of shower water every hour of the day or all month if your budget allows.

    Read your statement about “mixing water with cold” Think about this OK
    Suppose a dude was to set his water heater to a temperature he/she needed just for showers and hand washing THINK of all the energy they save by NOT heating the water to dangerous high levels THEN cooling it down again? Same with Franks LOUSY System LOL

    There is nothing else besides an external tank system that can deliver this, although an external tank can only produce this much in the first draw for the tank and far less for the following hours. WRONG IMHO

    Suppose DURING the heating season you use the unfired tank as storage with a circulator back to the boiler NOW your using one burner for everything If you don’t like the unfired pressure vessel idea I had

    f you buy another water heater instead of using the tankless coil system, you now have two heaters, one for the house and one for the hot water < NOPE

    Not if you piped it in properly and valved it off in the summer months

    – with two burners to service.< Harold, ME> OIL needs much more service then gas HOW often do you SERVICE your stove or over?

    Now the boiler doesn’t have to stay warm for the summer months to make hot water, the extra water heater does < BUT Harold doesn't this Boiler have a larger mass to heat then a tank? PLUS Metal fatigue from cold to hot firing does take its toll ASK me about my ASME training in OU

    – all year round. So which is better? – < Harold ME > Neither they BOTH have their draw backs this is NOT a perfect world

    To have a tankless coil boiler weighing 360 pounds losing heat from the jacket during the summer (it is doing the heating during the other seasons), or a water heater weighing 350 pounds (including the water content) losing heat from the jacket all year round. < HAROLD > me> Suppose we compremise and go with a aa tank like an TROL that has a loss of about 1/2 a degree per HR if that much and use a SMALL VERY efficient boiler and use this tank with a copper coil as a separate zone calling for heat when needed YET having the firing rate to satisfy all water needs during peak demand and tell the Canadian KID where to go

    I opt for a high efficiency tankless coil boiler set up with a mixing valve so there is only one heating appliance to service with only heat losses from one appliance instead of two, making more hot water than most people can use.< Harold >ME

    Unless folks are going to use a GREAT Quality Mixing valve like HOLBY your looking for a failure and some scalding lawsuits.
    Sending water through a system at 212+ in a closed system is not my idea of fun seeing it FLASH into steam AS an OSHA trained construction inspector for the plumbing industry board and United association of plumbers USA and Canada we kind of frown upon burning folks EVEN if some do deserve it.

    Harold and Frank lets agree to disagree OK Keep these posts coming as its GREAT learning from BOTH of you North American folks

    Ok Frank YOUR move Checkmate in 4 moves. I bid 7 NO TRUMP You go GUY

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