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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    Hey Harold DON’T confuse Frank with FACTS

    Remember BOTH of you are on my list and it IRKS me to see my members not agree.

    Now Frank you did bring up some great points BUT unfortunately WE AMERICANS know HEATING and comfort levels as WE are the ENVY of the world so Listen to us ELDERS OK LAD LOL

    Frank I am impressed with your knowledge regarding piping materials I am sorry to say your apprenticeship program puts ours to shame.

    Having both Qualified for American AND Canadian plumbing as a Journeyman I am duly impressed with your codes and code officials.

    The education your getting is 2nd to none.

    Your more then welcome to bring this topic up on the PIPDL and lets shoot the breeze over it as it is interesting.

    Harold lets GET him LOL

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