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    Before you decide to go with a tankless coil set up You should have a Licensed plumber Or your local utility or gas supplier perform a Bacharach test for efficiency of your boiler.

    If your using oil and getting a rating of 60% or gas with any efficiency less then 80% you maybe spending a lot more money then going with an indirect tank installed as a separate zone.

    The new indirect tanks have very little stand by losses compared to firing a HUGE boiler year round just to make water hot.

    There are several options available today that you can get hot water during the winter months that cost next to nothing using your existing heating system whether it be steam or hot water (heat pumps don’t work as well unfortunately)

    You local licensed Master plumber or Heating contractor should be able to give you a projected cost for your investment after performing the above tests.
    stack temperature ,smoke, CO etc

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