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    Yes, it IS HIGHLY POSSIBLE. There is a condition called cavitation like when installing a water meter too close to the inlet piping of the house main where under certain conditions even when no water is being used the meter will show movement.

    For example when installing water mains too close to the city main water then actually pull out of the home VENTUI effect, impossible to FREEZE these mains as water is constantly moving,compounding this problem is HEAT always go to cold (absence of heat in refrigeration terms)

    So yes it is possible to DRAW water out of this tank quite easily.

    Now about PVC YES it can handle water up to 140 Degrees “DEPENDING on pressure” according to the thermoplastic piping system specifications guide BUT hey who bothers to read codes as it takes time to LEARN to do it properly huh?

    What you can do to make sure you don’t have any back feed as we call it in the big city

    “stratification of hot water molecules into the cold water piping”

    is to install a 27″ heat sink.

    What we big city plumbers have found is hot water will seek to move to the colder water BUT it cannot go DOWN more then 27″

    So to be sure you can drop a loop to 30″ on your cold water supply to your tank. Like a big U shape.

    (I just may write a future article on the proper way to install a water heater).

    By putting in this loop you cannot get stratification Or the venturi effect.

    Could you imagine all that CRAP PVC failing all over the country everytime a dishwasher drains USING HOT WATER. Hey how about when folks let the “hot water” run down a PVC traped sink does it disform or melt?

    Oh well Hey Have a great Holiday and consider all your options like calling in a Licensed Master Plumber and double check he is licensed and NOT a helper wanna be for your protection.

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