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    Niki, sorry, I thought you were looking for a new one. As you stated, they are not inexpensive.

    If you are looking to buy a used one and have it refinished, you really need to stay local, otherwise you might as well by the new one because of the shipping costs and refinishing costs.

    Not to mention that you must make sure the used one meets your current local plumbing code. All plumbing codes place restrictions on using old fixtures and material. One restriction that I can think of is that you may find a tub with the faucet and spout down inside below the rim and this is no longer allowed, the faucet and spout must be above the rim of the tub to prevent cross connection and possible contamination of the water supply.

    First, check with your local plumbing inspection department and find out what they will allow. Then start checking with local plumbers who may deal in this old tubs. You might even get a lead from the plumbing inspector if they will allow it to be used. They are supposed to be inspecting everything, so would likely know which plumbers in your area they have seen doing that type of old work.
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