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    Their major problems are with potable ground water conditions and the amount of hot water available through the device. If electric water heater elements lime up in a short time there, then the same will happen with the electric elements in the instantaneous or ‘tankless’ appliance. Otherwise, if electricity is inexpensive, the bill will be too. The average yearly electric bill for making hot water for a U.S. family is $800. This might be cut to $600 with the instantaneous water heater. Fuel-fired water heaters cost about $250 a year to run.

    there are two strategies to consider:
    1. Install three instantaneous water heaters for the house, so that the shower, washer, and sinks won’t interfere with the maximum water flow through the shower.
    2. Install one unit for the entire house and make it a family occasion to go out and watch the electric meter spin as Junior takes his shower. In this way, Kara won’t run to turn on a sink and flush and Mom won’t turn on the dishwasher and washing machine while he is adjusting the shower.

    For the many in Europe and Japan, this advice doesn’t make much sense, as tubs and sponge baths do not compare with fifteen minute American showers – and hand dish washing does not compare with dishwashers. You have to live on the North American continent to appreciate central, instantaneous hot water for everybody at once.

    One really has to appreciate wealth and conspicuous consumption at 14 cents per kilowatt.

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