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    Wow Ann they sure are out there coming out from under rocks or out of caves.

    Insulation pipes is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

    I have been insulating hot water and cold water pipes for over 32 years.

    Insulating copper tubing hot water lines saves energy (less heat loss)
    Using foam insulation on chill water systems (ACR Tubing copper) also saves the chillier from over working.

    Now about having concrete come in contact with ANY PIPING the cement “specialist” needs a severe BEATING.

    In most civilized codes Piping passing through a wall shall be protected from breakage from carrying ANY BUILDING weight of the structure by an arch or lintel constructed above the pipe Or by an iron pipe sleeve greater in size then the pipe passing through wall.

    This annular space between the pipe and sleeve shall be filled with or partially filled with polysulphide, lead or other equivalent water proofing material.

    No way should copper come in contact with cement without some type of protective covering/coating.
    Insulation and heat tapes are you best bet.

    When hiring ANY contractor double check to make sure they are licensed in the trade they are dabbling in.

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