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    John:Water velocity is not limited
    by any agency to my knowledge.If you wish to accelerate water to cyclotron speed you may experience some magic. Consider the following.
    Where E is the energy required to propel 1 lb. of water (distilled)
    through a known orifice at 40 degrees F., and e is the constant.
    By using the variable”T” vector
    curve criteria used for viscosity harmonics, it will be noted that an inverse proportion of the energy (E) was disapated at the junction of (e T)
    This postulation is based on the conversion of water at a highly excited molecular level to steam. At this change of state of liquid to gas latent heat calculations will trigger unstable gas to reach critical mass.
    Studies at MIT on cold fusion have concluded that this may one day soon be the fuel of our future.
    Akmed UAR Engr.

    Hearfield wrote on 20 November 2000 at 01:49 PM:
    Why should water speed in pipes be limited to some magic value?
    Is the maximum speed chosen to give a Reynolds number in the transition region, just before turbulent flow begins?

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