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    Thursty: You are correct..Acidic water has an appetite for almost anything it comes in contact with.
    It is far easier and economical to give the acidicwater something to snack on than to live with the upset of repairing pin hole leaks
    all the time.
    By installing an active Magnesium anode in the piping system, the water will destroy the replaceable anode and leave the copper pipes alone. This really not a heroic means to protect the piping from the bad guys, but it is cheap and very effective.
    All water heaters are equipt with
    passive anodes by the manufacturers to prevent pin hole formation in the tanks during the warranty period.
    The sacrificial anode concept has been used for over 200 years, and is sure better than trying to change the waters pH or eliminate the DC voltage present in the piping system that causes electrolytic corrosion.

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