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    H2S hydrogen sulfide is a nasty problem but very easy to fix. Your first step should be getting an accurate water sample to find out just how much H2S is in your water. Once you have your results then you can pursue your treatment options. Often treatment for hydrogen sulfide is the same as for iron and manganese, allowing the removal of all three contaminants in one process. The odor of water with as little as 0.5 PPM of hydrogen sulfide concentration is detectable by most people. Concentrations less than 1 PPM give the water a “musty” or “swampy” odor. A 1-2 PPM hydrogen sulfide concentration gives water a “rotten egg” odor and makes the water very corrosive to plumbing.
    Please see this web site.
    If you are looking for a proven treatment method I would suggest visiting this site as well at

    Respectfully David Walling

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