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    Call a local licensed plumbing contractor, speak to them about showing you how to maintain your system AND ask about the possibility of installing a
    out door indoor reset thermostat.

    What this does is raise the indoor temperature 1 degree for every 2 degrees it drops out side automatically.

    Hot water heating (hydronics) is great for the not so good heating guys as it forgives lots of heating sins in applications and designs.

    For example if a boiler is under sized the water temperature can be raised to really high temperatures.

    The installer can also play games wih the return delta and install non electric zone valves to keep the heating system really fine tuned.

    Hot water heating (other then under slap kind) is the best out there for comfort and safety and longivity.

    Very few things do wrong with these proven systems.

    You most lightly need a few minor adjustments.
    Enjoy your home .

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