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    To whom it may concern, Us professional plumbers just don’t rip out a piping system UNTIL we find out why the existing system went sour

    Suppose you did take out the Galvanized pipe and put in copper tubing and THEN the hardness of the water caused this piping to become pitted within a year or two would that really make the account happy?

    Now lets try to think about if we know the probability of using ALL of the above mentioned fixtures at the exact same time is NIL why replace if it isn’t necessary Or in the budget?

    What should be done is taking a water sample test THEN filtering/treating the water so no more damage to this piping system is incurred.

    Installing plastic garbage without testing for what is in the water could also lead to a very rapid system failure.

    Would anyone who just says REPLACE IT like to go to a doctor with this type of mind set when a person has hardening of the arteries? I DON’T THINK SO

    Replacing a defect is easy, finding the cause and preventing this from happening to the newly installed system separates the apprentices and jack legs from the Masters.

    The piping replacement is a very simple job BUT the retiling and wall and floor restoration can be very expensive.
    Have a GREAT week end

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