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    Oh my Dear Akmed. After reading your advice I find myself in a terrible dilema. I now suffer from a rare disease called snicker iditis. Every time I think of your reply, I involuntarily snicker. I think maybe a possiblity in this great country for contacting a lawyer for millions of dollars of entitlements for a citizen or illegal immigrant.
    I wonder also if it may be a possibility that you may have contacts with the company from whence you purchased this amazing toilet. There are several people that fit your camel in training critera and I feel this country owes it to the people to install these toilets for them. Many of our leaders and citizens and non citizens that have entitlements would qualify for free installation of this miraculous bowl. It would serve our country well.
    Considering that I am a Retired Navy man, I think if installation on shore is too difficult then we could make arrangement for a this model of scuddle to be installed in the ship that is under consideration for deporting.
    Thank you so much, Akmed, my eyes will forever be crinkled from your post.

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