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    Mssr.Dennis: I am an engineering exchange student in your great Country working on my Masters.
    I have some knowledge of Asian
    made plumbing fixtures that I wish to share with you. Several years ago my Brother-in-Law asked me to send him an “Obuku” toilet when I went to Japan for some studies.
    I selected their top of the line model called the “Samuri” and air freighted to his home in the United Arab Republic.
    Scarely two weeks later I received some distressing news from my sister back home. It seems
    Abdul (my Brother-in-law)was ensconced on his newly aquired
    “Samuri” toilet when it spotaneously split in half. My finer sensibilities prevent me from being graphic in relating the severity of the injuries he sustained in this most unfortunate
    Abdul had a promising career as
    a “Used Camel Dealer” in down town Tripoli. Due to his loss of body parts in the “Samuri” toilet bowl
    tragedy, he is now singing Alto in the “Vienna Boys Choir”, and my poor sister has been labled.. Wife of the Half assed Camel Trader.
    Perhaps a second thought would be
    wise before putting your body in grave peril..May the wisdom of Allah guide and direct your path.

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