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Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

    The radiator is becoming hot on one side because hot water is flowing into it there. As the water passes through the radiator, the radiator gives the heat of the water to the air around it. The flow of water into the radiator is slow enough to not let the other end of the radiator become hot. This result may or may not be a desired result.

    The mystery here is the valve. If it is the kind of valve that automatically regulates the flow of water into the radiator, it is working properly if the room is the desired temperature. If the room is cold, there is not enough water entering the radiator and the valve must be opened more, or the pipe/pump combination arranged to let more water into the radiator.

    These are clues an experienced plumber would seek during a visit to your home.

    The direction of flow from right to left, or left to right, or whether the valve is properly installed would have to be described or seen to be known, as there is no information given to identify the radiator construction or the valve.

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