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    Richard, I also feel that working with the trades is a great idea. I would like to see an apprentice program established for the water treatment industry. You see it takes many years of working with the products in different situations to know what works best for an individual water treatment application. I have 15 years in the business and still learn something new every day working for Osmonics as a field service engineer. Yes, I have made horrendous mistakes but have learned from all of them. Just like it takes many years for an apprentice to experience the situations that they will fall back on in the years after there apprenticeship. I don’t feel that the public is as paranoid as you say about there water. I think the public has pretty firm knowledge in what type of water problems they have. The problem is that there are just so many different treatments and new technologies for the consumer to make a clear decision. The media is responsible for most of this paranoia not the water treatment people we don’t want this going on either if you think about this it actually hurts the business. Sometimes the best treatment is no treatment at all you can create more trouble then good sometimes. Some states are rethinking what types of water treatment they will allow the DIY to install in there homes with good reasons. I believe that the individual can make these choices on there own if they are educated in the different technologies. This is where I feel the Internet makes a huge difference. Consumers can now get vital information they need to make good decisions. Concentrate some of your energy on writing and posting your chemistry knowledge so consumers can understand what options are out there.

    Respectfully David F. Walling

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