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    Hi Matt, I would strongly suggest you try working for a licensed Master plumber for a few weeks before you invest the next 5 years of your life in this trade.
    Once you do decide this is for you then try to get into the United Association of plumbers and steam fitters. See the local plumber union in your area.

    Then once you start you should look forward to a 5 year apprenticeship with approximately 144 per year class room studies, lots of math formulas, code and theory of piping systems.

    Now as an apprentice If you are willing to learn most journeymen will teach you the basics of mechanics in proper usage of welding and pipe threading grooving equipment.

    The great thing about being a union apprentice is the ability to take even more courses besides the “basic” 5 year training.

    Now speaking from my area NYC in order to take the Masters exam you had to have worked for a Master plumber for a full 10 years prior to taking this tests.

    Lucky today the mechanical ability is no longer that critical and most places will allow for a 4 year or less apprenticeship and even here they lowered the time to take the masters exams from 10 working in the field years to 7.

    You may also decide to specialize in plumbing like I did a few hospitals with medical gas piping and autopsy installations and acid waste piping with neutralizing stations.

    You can also go into residential, institutional, industrial, commercial work.

    My companies do it all including fire suppression systems sprinkler and stand pipe installations and testing.

    You may want to go into steam fitting like fire protection then you should contact the NFPA as plumbing is not that great of a trade like it used to be.

    Today most folks use plastic and copper tubing and no longer weld the gas piping as we used to or braze water lines.

    Honestly try working for a LMP then decide if this is really what you want to do.

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