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    A Heanen: Your post did not mention wheather this was to be a commercial or domestic installation
    Neither Stainless Steel or ABS are used for water distribution in any
    domestic installation that I am aware of. ABS is Not suiable for potable water service to my knowledge because odor and taste considerations as well as the coefficient of expansion and softening charateristics when used in elevated temperatures and hot water. Stainless steel is prohibitively expensive and has more problems than copper piping with internal corrosion.
    The big trend in progress is toward HDPE (High Density Polyetylene)for installation in lieu of traditional copper piping.
    The failure of plastic piping due to squirrel and rodents gnawing holes in it can be a problem in some situations. As you
    are probably aware there have been a number of offerings of plastic piping in recent years that have met with some pretty grim results.
    Copper has stood the test of time as a good reliable material for water piping, and with just a little help can provide a lifetime or two of trouble free service.

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