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    Depending on the type of material the piping is would determine the kind of repair.

    For example if you have a cast iron extra heavy pipe for the waste pipe you could use a deep caulked cast Iron floor flange and only opening a hole slightly all around the existing pipe to fit this cast iron flange over it.

    If you have a lead “D” drain pipe you have to open the slab slightly larger to gain access to the lead pipe clean the heck out of the internal wall of the lead bend and swedge it slightly larger to make a “cup joint” using a 40- 60 mixture of solder like Flemco # 1

    If you have no hub cast Iron you could use a cast Iron no hub quick connect which comes in various lengths from 2″ -6″ in depth and 3″ or 4″ diameter

    If you have plastic waste piping contact the nearest stumble bum handyman to make repairs. Just give them glue primmer and a hacksaw and You stay outside in the clean fresh air.

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