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    Hi Ptrout, The “only one shut off” is normal for a hydronic system as if you had more then one the helpers and handymen would shut everything in sight and forget to turn some thing on again.

    Now that you have found life in the Condo world to be cruel you have one thing in your favor and that’s time to contact B&G (great company to work with) and give them the model number of your defective actuator.

    The Valve body still maybe in good condition and only the operating module needs replacement.

    Contact the buildings contractor and make him/her an offer they cant refuse for example.

    As soon as the heating season ends contact them and say “lets make a deal as it is between heating and cooling seasons and you folks could use some fill in work”

    Then ask for your best price as they will come when its convient for them (slow season)

    Now being a contractor in plumbing/fire suppression systems/HVAC etc I never shut off a heating system unless it is a dire emergency during the colder months.

    I am sure this contractor feels the same way.

    Now as a boiler inspector I normally do 2 inspections per year as per ASME section IV code and the National Board of Boiler Inspectors

    1- One Inspection is external while the system is firing and I jump out all the safety and operating controls and let the pressure build to maximum level thus forcing the relief/ safety valve to discharge (nerve wracking to say the least) especially on steam (POP)

    2- The internal inspection is the one your concerned about as in this type of inspection they normally drain the system and physically inspect the stay bolts, mud drum, hand holes, fire box and looking for internal corrosion or possible stress cracking.

    Durng this inspection you should have your defective valve replaced if you cant get a new electric controller OEM replacement. As the system should be down.

    Then on refill, if you do have a problem the contractor is already there and your job is just added gravy to them as they are there any way so replacing your valve is no big deal.

    Thankfully you didn’t go around arbitrary shutting off valves thinking that Most hydronic systems have isolation capabilities THIS is EXACTLY why Helpers should never not only be allowed to wonder around in a building unattended BUT they never should talk directly to client.

    They just don’t have the education as they are still in the basics stage of these aspects of “plummmmin”

    I have come behind many good intentioned helpers who could have gotten themselves very badly hurt and or destroyed equipment.

    Remember most plumbing codes don’t bother to address heating other then very basic aspects like back flow preventers and sizing the flue and gas lines and free air for proper combustion.

    Good luck and again try to talk to the building contractor and let them know when they do have a shut down for any reason you would like to have your work performed also This alone will save you the $500 shut down fee.

    If you would like to know why the contractor is entitled to this shut down fee please ask and Ill be more then happy to explain as I get slightly over $1,500 for our shut down even for a minor repair.

    Have a great week end.

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