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    Excuse me BUT I know for a fact that this has to be a misprint NO way anyone would GIVE type of advice.

    No REALLY QUALIFIED professional “plumber” would ever advise a temperature of LESS then 140 degree’s if they bothered to read the ASSE or ASPE standards.

    Even the plumbing codes state 140-160 wash water and 180 for sterilization of in lieu of chemicals. 140 degrees will kill most pathogens and other great stuff like Legionnaire disease.

    The AGA is concerned about BURN lawsuits and they cant get the public to understand to take responsibility for their own actions so they lowered the water BUT increased this other very real health hazard. Hey for ever action there is a reaction HUH?

    Of course not every one is a Qualified “plumber” and therefore they wouldn’t KNOW of the other codes and health department requirements.

    As the temperature goes down the health risk goes up in these pathogenic incubators But hey they are saving you a few pennies HUH?

    By the way Thank you Dave. SEE WE do agree on the important stuff LOL

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