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    Sarah as far s I know every Master plumber has to pass a four and a half hour written exam (part one of the test) and a 4 hours of practical examinations for part 2

    Now considering this gentleman maybe illiterate there is absolutely no valid reason he cannot install septic systems as I have heard it requires min skills as far as understanding codes especially in some areas of America like mountain area.

    As long as he knows the basics like back filling with special soils and using a shovel and some knowledge of back filling He can be rising star in this trade.

    Plumbing is a very complicated field with lots of written codes.

    Barrier free designs, American with disability act, ( ADA) National institute safety and health (NIOSH), Occupational Safety and health administration OHSA 1910.


    This is just part of the codes we follow and unfortunately even a simple task like welding needs someone who can read as they have to pass a written test also.

    Installing plastic septic systems in my opinion requires No knowledge of reading or even understanding any language spoken on this planet ANYONE can dig a hole and install private disposal system it would appear to me any way.

    Plumbing is a highly technical profession I am so sorry as lot of talented craftsmen are left out because of the newer codes relating to back flow prevention laws and safe water drinking act codes.

    Let this gentleman think Drainage and plastic as its a noble trade and it is needed.

    I honestly feel so bad as I have met some really talented folks who I just in good conscience send them out into the field taking a chance of hurting someone with not being able to read and understand boiler controls or even the safe way to re light a hot water heater that had a flame failure.

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