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    Mssr. Barnaby Clark: Re:Your good question about the latest hi-tech toilets.
    I am Akmed Ahrmand here in your most wonderful country from the Middle East. I have come to take part in water conservation studies underway at Bullsham University. Your Department of Energy has requested that I explain in detail how we in my country have dealt with our water crisis.
    As you know water is a very valuable commodity in my arid country. And as a result of this lack , we long ago started putting in place a program that would help in our conservation of this vital resource.
    We have developed a no flush toilet system for our basic hygenic needs. There has been an unexpected windfall from the tecnology that has arisen from
    our efforts in this undertaking.
    I am not at liberty to divulge specifics of this revolution in conservation, but I can give you some of the highlights.
    The flushless system is simplicity itself. The toilet is similar in many ways to the well known variety. The big difference is that the bodily ejecta and fluids are caught in a plastic bag. On completion of the toilet event, the bag is mechanically heat sealed. The sealed bag is then automaticly conveyed to a storage place for later collection (much like a garbage collection service.)
    The bags are taken to a facility that recoups 98% of the water content and processes this into absolutely pure and wholesome drinking water. The dry solids are irradiated with Gamma rays to render it biologically inert. These solids and the plastic bag remnants are further processed by our new technology using heat and pressure into a top quality petroleum oil bearing feeder stock. We sell this feeder stock to the Oil Cartel for processing into gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oils and plastics. A full 88% of our GNP is derived from the sale of this material to the Western Nations like the USA The gas that is evolved in processing the bagged goods is collected and then stored under pressure. This gas becomes a lquid when pressurized, it burns cleanly with several times heat attained from natural gas. We are enjoying brisk sales of this bottled gas to many areas around the world. As yet we have not chosen a name for this gas fuel, it is simply referred to as LPG.(liquified people gas)
    It is estimated that if the USA was to adopt a similar plan to convert human waste to oil, the water crisis would disappear overnight; and the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel would drop to less than 11 cents per gallon….Health, prosperity and long life to your house….. Akmed Ahrmand.

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