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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    Congratulations you passed this test with the highest score ever achieved by ANYONE on the net.

    May I ask how much preparation was involved?

    Where can I get this kind of training?

    Is there any other testing area’s I can try?

    What formal education if any do I need?

    Have you been doing this type of testing for a long period of time?

    Do you and can I hire folks to do this test for others who unlike you have really impressed me with this testing procedure?

    Can a simple ditch digger do this in case it rains or snows for months at a time?

    What is the flat rate or T&M pricing for testing web sites?

    Is this your hobby going to sites TESTING to make sure they are operating in the proper guide lines?

    What got you interested in this unique field?

    Was this a family run business or a start up company?

    Have you ever considered US being partners and making this a TESTING WEB SITE FRANCHISE?

    I think WE as partners should share the expense of having this copy writed

    I think we found a GREAT NITCH on here and it sure as heck beats digging holes and smelling sewer stuff all day HUH?

    Have a great one …:-)

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