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    Looks like I’m in pretty good shape here. It’s a Thermo-Dynamics boiler around 5 to 7 years old with a Beckett burner. I had it fully serviced a few weeks ago. I had put in a new tank filter a couple weeks before he showed up when the tank was filled. Then he put in a new one also – there was a weird gel on the one I put in – probably from the tank standing empty for so long. He replaced the nozzle, adjusted the spark gap, vacuumed everything, pulled the flu pipe, brushed the chamber – tore the thing almost apart – you name it. Plus he answered all the questions I could think of at the time. He seemed pretty good – 14 years in the furnace business. He said it tested at about 84% efficiency – pretty darn good according to him. Thanks again for all the good info – great for anyone else on the board reading it too.

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