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    Use less soap. It’s one benifit of using a softner. This is very important to do especially if you don’t want to etch your glassware in the dishwasher. The setting on your softner should be set to hardness level of your unsoftened water (usually in Grains Per Gallon). What this setting will do determine when it’s time to automatically regenerate the resin bed which has it’s rated capacity programed into the computer. It does this by measuring the volume of water treated using a built in flow meter. By raising the setting from 20 to 25 what you have done ineffect is reduce the amount of time between regeneration. If I were you I would:
    1) Learn to live with the fact that you need to use a lot less soap.
    2) Check your untreated water hardness on a water sample that bypasses the softner and set the computer accordingly. If you can follow your piping you may find a outside faucet that bypasses the softner or you may find a “bypass valve” built in to the softner that you can use. Don’t forget to return the valve to the proper position when you are done. Your results will probably be in PPM. To convert from Parts Per Million to Grains Per Gallon divide by 17.1 . Make sure you run the faucet for a while before sampling.
    3)Make sure you keep a ample supply of salt in the brine tank. I recommend Potasium Cloride even though its twice as expensive. It’s a good source of potasium and won’t elevated your bodys sodium level.

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