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    ahanks..install a small thermal expansion tank in the cold water supply to the heater. And your problems with the heater that has a spastic kidney will be over.
    You really should consider lowering the static water pressure in your home. In my Mid Eastern homeland, we had a similar water pressure as yours (115 psi).
    One night there was a terrible commotion at my oasis home. We live in a very progressive village of fairly wealthy goat herders.
    Most homes have an attatched two camel garage. Well Mssr. Ahanks we had a water pipe fastened to the wall that developed a spontaneous leak during the night as I had mentioned. The water issued forth with such force that it killed one camel outright, and did considerable damage the other camels hump. To date we have spent over 2000 denari on having a prosthetic hump made for the poor beast. Our home Owners policy has a water damage exclusion and we will have to foot the entire bill for our loss. “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the loins of Allstate”

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