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Lucy Howton

: My hot water heater is at least six years old. In the past couple of days it has started to run out of hot water after one shower. This has never happened before this week. Is there some sort of maintenance I should be doing? How long are hot waster heaters suppose to last? : Thanks for your help is your tank gas or electric? both tanks have what is called a dip tubethat goes from top to bottom of tank on inside.if cracked it lets hot and cold water mix. if an elec tank it could be a burntout element or a thermostat not working [bottom one ] if it,s gas it could be thermostat which is built into the back of the gas control which is not sensing correct temp. tanks around here usually last 12/18 years PS. if your not use to working on either one of these appliances get professional help [for the tank not you] lots of luck

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