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Sid:–In a word….No! To do a decent job of cleaning the accumulated mineral droppings from your water heater, you need to shut it off…drain it completely…take out the lower element…tape a piece of large bore garden hose to a strong wet vacuum and suck all that junk out through the element hole. Replace the lower element,(even if it is working)with a long life low watt density heater element. This type of element produces far less mineral deposits than the standard high watt density original equipment. While you have the element out, take a flashlight and examine the anode rod….if it looks pretty ratty and gobbled up replace it(you may get ten more years of service from the heater for doing it). You may wish also to change the totally useless drain cock at the bottom of the heater..install a full flow 3/4 ball valve with a male hose adapter, youll need a 3/4 X 2 galvanized or brass nipple to to connect the new drain cock. Lots of luck…Bud.: I have hard water in my well. A couple of years ago I had to replace the bottom element in my water heater because of all the junk in the bottom of the heater. Its probably about time to do this again. Is there an easy way to remove the lime build up without removing the element?

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